Photography and Videography that pushes every brand to their highest potential


Capture and create compelling content to pull customers into your brand.
What We Do

The fundamentals of our photography and videography

We have found that creativity is like a cannon ball and our process is the cannon. Paired together they create some explosive results

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We are a well versed team capable of capture and curating anything you envision or helping you craft a powerful brand.

Compelling Experience

We don’t focus on current trends to dictate what you are going to look like. We pair our creativity along with passion and timeless inspiration to create a powerful vision and direction for your content.


We help you make something that customers want to be apart of for a lifetime. In culture today the visual content around your brand it what brings most first customers in. We focus on making sure that it is the most compelling and timeless as it can be.

Fast Turnaround

After establishing a true north creative direction we run full speed towards the goal in order to get you up and running as soon as possible

Item No.

01. Research

We create the best way to communicate with your audience to where as soon as they come in contact with your brand they are hooked.

Item No.

02. Create

We cultivate the story behind your brand to move your audience.

Item No.

03. Develop

Content doesn’t stop after deployment. The best brands adapt and innovate that market. Let’s keep you ahead of the game and cultivate your audience with interaction with your content.

Whats Next

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We love what we do.


Camp Nine Design can elevate your brand to new heights.

Let’s get moving on your next project. We can’t wait to see what we can make together.